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Ashley Lynn Winery

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On March 30th, having a bad case of cabin fever, we decided to try a mini road trip heading east. The previous weekend we attended the Rochester Home & Garden Show, where we stopped at the Ashley Lynn wine tasting booth. I had always thought of Ashley Lynn as mostly sweet wines, so had not visited them before, but thought I should be a little more open-minded and give it a try. I found, to my surprise, that they do indeed have a few dry offerings, and they were good!

The deciding factor for my wanting to visit their tasting room was actually the representative at the booth, Michelle. A very big part of the tasting experience for me is the interaction between the customer and the winery staff. I believe that the representative is the person who can “make or break” a sale, and Michelle was a welcoming hostess, and obviously proud of their wines. After tasting, I asked for information about their tasting rooms, of which there are three. The following weekend, we visited their Waterloo tasting room, where Michelle once again greeted us. The tasting was free, and Michelle was as fun, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic as she was at our prior tasting.

One of our friends who traveled with us does not like wine at all, but he decided to try Ashley Lynn’s fruit wines, which are made with apple and other fruit flavorings. He absolutely loved the strawberry; his first-ever wine purchase was a bottle of Ashley Lynn Strawberry Wine Slush and a bottle of Peach Wine Slush! I purchased a bottle of their Chardonnay, and a bottle of Pinot Noir, both good and all great values. We also each had a sample of their wine slushies … delicious, and I’m sure one or more of them will be a featured “drink of the week” at our tiki bar this summer! They are so simple, too – just pour them into a zippered freezer bag, freeze, then thaw slightly when ready to drink.

Stay tuned for other winery visits from this road trip. For now, thanks to Michelle for a wonderful visit to Ashley Lynn Winery … we will definitely return!

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