It’s Not a “Holiday Party” Without Box Wine!

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Black Box Pinot Grigio
Black Box Pinot Grigio

Happy holidays to all of you! As I write this, We’re just between Christmas and the New Year, winding down from another crazy, run-your-butt-off, marathon shopping, baking, cooking holiday. Whew!! Made it through another one. I love the hustle and bustle and pre-holiday preparation part of the season, getting together with friends and family, and attending holiday get-togethers. I also love hosting during the holidays, which we do every year on Christmas Eve.

Every Christmas Eve T.R. and I invite family, friends and neighbors to join us for snacks and beverages to help celebrate the arrival of Christmas. It’s a happy, casual, fun-filled tradition where the guests range in age from young adults to seniors (my Uncle Bob was able to join us this year, at age 92!).

Each year as we plan for our festivities, we discuss what food and beverages we should serve this year. I always want it to be easy, so I can enjoy our guests and not have to be in the kitchen the entire time. This year I found a few make-ahead appetizers that helped to keep everyone’s bellies full. It’s also a tradition to serve a special “cocktail”, and this year I found the “Chocolate Pretzel”, which consisted of vanilla vodka and Frangelico (a hazelnut liqueur), served in a shot glass rimmed with chocolate and dipped in salt. Yummy!

We also decided this year, rather than setting out a full bar, that we would serve beer (T.R.’s job), wine (my job), and soda (joint effort). Instead of purchasing many different bottles of wine and ending up with a lot of half-bottles leftover that I would have to take care of (☺), I decided to try a couple of box wines.

I’ve always enjoyed the Black Box brand of Chardonnay, so decided to go that route for the white. I wanted to try a different varietal, though, so thought that the Pinot Grigio would be a nice crowd-pleasing choice. Thankfully, it was an excellent choice! I like it better than the Chardonnay, and it went quickly, so apparently my guests liked it as well. I wasn’t so sure about red wine in a box, so I decided to ask one of the professionals at Ryan’s Wine & Spirits what they would recommend for a “party” red in a box. I thought for sure they would recommend one of the Black Box reds, as there are a few, and Black Box seems to be the popular brand. Surprisingly, Grant recommended the Yebox blend (cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz), which I had never even heard of before! I trusted his opinion and purchased it along with the Black Box Pinot Grigio. Again, there was very little leftover, so apparently it was also a hit with the crowd. I tried a glass on Christmas day, and it was delicious!

I always thought it would be a great idea for wine & liquor stores to host a box wine tasting, similar to the bottled wine tastings that they offer. I think box wine has a bad name, and we hesitate to purchase an entire box when we’re not sure how it’s going to taste. I don’t mind taking a chance on a 750 ml bottle, but 3 liters is a lot to dump if you don’t like it!

If anyone is with me on this, let’s ask our retailers to try a box wine tasting. Also, let me know what your favorites are, if you’ve tried any. I bet there are more than a few surprises out there.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Cheers!!

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