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Welcome to my first blog for Smiling Vines! I’m so excited to get this project started, but thought you might want a short introduction into who I am, and what I’m looking to accomplish. About me: I. LOVE. WINE. I love drinking wine, shopping for wine, and most of all, I love touring all of the awesome wineries that are out there just waiting to share their offerings! Living in the Finger Lakes region, we are blessed with some of the finest wines in the world. The different varieties are endless with something for every palate (and many for me!). My mouth waters just thinking about what new and interesting wines will greet me on my next venture into wine country! But this isn’t just about the Finger Lakes … there is so much more out there to be discovered! Just look at all those tempting bottles lining the shelves of your local wine & liquor store … a virtual adult candy store! I want to try everything (just like the kid in the candy store). So how to justify my wine-frenzy? That leads us to my latest bright idea: I will do the world a favor by sharing my findings on every wine that finds itself in my mouth! I’ll pass along every detail of each place that I visit, such as the cool tasting room, the awesome view, the friendly and engaging staff … all the things that make a wine tasting memorable. Make no mistake: I am NOT a wine snob! For me, it has to be fun or it’s not worth it. Sometimes the $10 bottle of wine actually does taste better than the $35 bottle … it’s all a matter of personal taste; no right or wrong. Also, I won’t be criticizing any wines or wineries. If I don’t like it, you won’t hear about it. Although I prefer dry wines, I am going to venture out and try some sweet varieties (because again, not a snob). And you never know … I might find something for after-dinner hot tub time! I hope you’ll follow me on my adventures along the wine trail, and have some fun of your own checking out a few of the places we visit and trying the wines. Remember … it’s about having fun and enjoying good wine with good friends!

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